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March 23, 2012

out now: city of the asleep – winter in tumultua

The long-awaited twelfth release from COTA and the first on Spectropol [SpecT 10], winter in tumultua is a scattered narrative depicting a world in chronic upheaval. It is told through a patchwork of sonic textures–glitchy noise wrapped around meandering ragas, atonal piano jazz decaying into industrial film scores, acid-washed ambiance being rudely displaced by chugging kraut-rock. Through these disparate tableaux, the unifying thread of a mathematician’s sensibility is woven, in the form of unusual time-signatures and the microtonal scales found within the unusual 17-tone equal temperament (a natural but unconventional alternative to the usual 12-tone equal temperament). Extensive liner notes are included in the download.

city of the asleep is the pseudonym of Oakland-based musician Igliashon Jones.

March 18, 2012


In Farouche Voidness,


Ferrum Catastrophae 

Tethered To “All Seed”,

Strata And Raad,

Quanta Eyes Wings Grow,

Off The Backs Of Golden Bats!

GOLDENBATS II is a twenty-six minute musical journey. Vast, lovely and large, it transitions from a bleak, dark and brooding stormy night into a new dawn of contentedly chorusing whippoorwills.


Living in a megalopolis can be daunting to say the least. GOLDENBATS II is about time, healing, channeling creative energies and giving birth. The work was composed as a means for personal self-healing and empowerment both by the act of its creation and by the subtle memeplex it introduces upon repeated listening. The package design, etc. are all extensions of these ideas. The work was never intended to be released to the public though now through some fortunate external interest you’re reading these words and hearing these sounds.


Geoff Duncanson and Dennis Meade have been performing and recording music together for the better part of a decade. They’ve been friends ever since their public school days in Yonkers, NY. Dennis has recorded music for the Imminent Frequencies label along side Asa Osbourne, Spencer Yeh, Jon Wesseltoft, and Jacob Long. Geoff was a member of the long standing New York experimental sextet Blue Velvet. That ensemble has performed along side Octis (Mick Barr), Mary Timony, Growing, Aloha, Medications, Child Abuse, Beauty Pill, Behold… The Arctopus, and many others. Geoff has performed most recently banging “resonant rocks” together in an impromptu performance on the streets of Kingston, NY with Pauline Oliveros during the 2011 O Positive festival. Both Geoff and Dennis have played in Sun Son Sun with James Zandoli and Victor “Poison Tete” (Rat At Rat R).