Here are some music videos for tracks included on Spectropol releases.

daniel stearns: hE wENT ThaT wAY (from GOLDEN TOWN)

Jeff Fairbanks: list (from Baldy’s Shopping)

Jeff Fairbanks: Baldy’s MRI (from Baldy’s Shopping)

Bruce Hamilton & friends: glibs (from mash hits vol. 1)
music by Bruce Hamilton (feat. Paul Muller, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen and Adam Kondor)

video by Diego Monroy

Bruce Hamilton & friends: dronedrift (from mash hits vol. 1)

feat. steve moshier, peter thörn, anonymouse, don bplaektree.
Video: diego monroy, feat. SOHO (ESA & NASA); and animations from the film “Our Mr. Sun” (Frank Capra) – copyright free (from

Berger Rond: Izanami (from Elle avait raison Hathor)

with Damnation (Béla Tarr, 1988)

Bill Horist: Auscultation Hall (from V/A: Axe)

George Christian + Mehata Sentimental Legend: Ultraviolet Soul (from La Géographie sans Regret)

visuals by césar naves & jaime rguez (AXIAL)

George Christian + Mehata Sentimental Legend: If I’m Mad as a Hatter, My Heart Bleeds a Stormy Weather (from La Géographie sans Regret)

Some Images of “i-ki” an interactive body-dance-machine
by Yumiko Yoshioka & Jochim Manger ©1995

Mind over Wave – Visuals created & edited by AXIAL

Shawn Collins: cheerier (from V/A: Whatcom Weird)


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