La Géographie sans Regret is available

The haunting new collaboration from two emerging artists from Brazil and Japan. Sheets of noisy harmony, shimmering textures, microtonal explorations, and voice drenched in reverb seep in and out of existence. Somewhere between avant/noise rock and experimental electronic, this recording is a strange trip that gets better with each hearing.

more from artist Wilhelm Matthies:

La Géographie sans Regret (George Christian & Mehata Sentimental Legend) is about exploring emotional grounds, exhilarating here, melancholy there, dark and tortured there, but without regret. Each musical piece seems to have originated from an emotional reality which is expressed in written words and transformed with the same intensity and emotional and moral ambiguity into musical language.

As a collaboration, George Christian was able to go beyond language barriers which could trap him into such territories, and was able to communicate it to Mehata Hiroshi. Mehata Hiroshi was able to match it both musically and with his visual artwork. His visual artworks, likewise, have the depth, sparkle, horror, and exhilaration expressed in the music they made.

Two young artists show us what it is like to be young, risk taking, treading on water, mud, solid ground sometimes, but throughout it all, without regret.


One Comment to “La Géographie sans Regret is available”

  1. de bas
    de cordes
    de défaut
    de grand
    une immense allarme
    au vide du ciel
    qui racle les horizons
    la charge des terrains
    se nivelle en cercle de sons
    les bruits repoussent les autres bruits
    et pierre après pierre
    le sable se forme
    qui forme à son tour
    les sabres
    et les histoires
    les murs finissent par tuer les lamentations
    et des chants peux recommencer
    à faire rire
    et rêver

    Réjean Desrosiers © 2012 09 30

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