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April 3, 2012

new Vincent Berger Rond: Elle avait raison Hathor

Out today (4/3). Inspired by mythology, this collection explores notions of womanhood. With the Quebec-based composer’s characteristic “spasmacousmatic” cutup textures guiding form, this is an electroacoustic chamber music that is both disorienting and utterly engaging.


March 23, 2012

out now: city of the asleep – winter in tumultua

The long-awaited twelfth release from COTA and the first on Spectropol [SpecT 10], winter in tumultua is a scattered narrative depicting a world in chronic upheaval. It is told through a patchwork of sonic textures–glitchy noise wrapped around meandering ragas, atonal piano jazz decaying into industrial film scores, acid-washed ambiance being rudely displaced by chugging kraut-rock. Through these disparate tableaux, the unifying thread of a mathematician’s sensibility is woven, in the form of unusual time-signatures and the microtonal scales found within the unusual 17-tone equal temperament (a natural but unconventional alternative to the usual 12-tone equal temperament). Extensive liner notes are included in the download.

city of the asleep is the pseudonym of Oakland-based musician Igliashon Jones.

February 16, 2012

new video for “glibs”

here’s a psychedelic animation video by Diego Monroy (Spain) for “glibs” (from bruce hamilton & friends’ mash hits vol. 1)!

more of Diego’s work can be found here (visual) and here (sound).

August 10, 2011


daniel stearns’ new and mind-boggling full length is now available.

GOLDEN TOWN by daniel stearns

[SpecT 03]

Download comes with 7-page PDF with text and pics highlighting the psychological context for the album’s creation.

Physical CD version will ship in October.

August 8, 2011

new Stearns video for “he went that way”

Daniel Stearns has created the first video for the upcoming Golden Town album (out Aug. 10), a rather psychedelic expansion of the 5th track: hE wENT ThaT wAY. Enjoy!!

July 10, 2011

“Possible Worlds” now available

Various Artists: Possible Worlds (recent xenharmonic explorations)

A free 15-track download from Spectropol records.

This compilation captures some of the excitement and unique beauty in recent xenharmonic music.