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October 28, 2013

new video for união (George Christian)

video by Gustavo Daher

(from aos rios urbanos)


December 8, 2012

new Horist vid, brief Axe review & upcoming releases

1. live video recording of Bill’s “Auscultation Hall” from the Axe compilation:

2. Read a nice quick take on the Axe compilation from The Stash Dauber.

3. Before the year is over we’ll be releasing a beautiful collaboration from Tetuzi Akiyama & Jeff Gburek, as well as a xenharmonic collection from Joel Taylor. Details coming soon!

February 16, 2012

new video for “glibs”

here’s a psychedelic animation video by Diego Monroy (Spain) for “glibs” (from bruce hamilton & friends’ mash hits vol. 1)!

more of Diego’s work can be found here (visual) and here (sound).